Hi! I’m Anton Sakharov, Tech Founder and CTO.

I perform various technology leadership activities:

  • identify business needs and design solutions
  • make technology decisions
  • hire software development teams
  • define implementation guidelines
  • facilitate software engineering best practices
  • deliver and scale products and teams.

Being a business owner myself, I have communicated with founders and executives from different industry verticals for more than a decade. I speak their language and understand their needs. I deep dive into a business context and come up with a solution vision.

On the other hand, my technical background allows me to build engineering teams, express business problems in a technical language and effectively execute the development. Teams I built successfully delivered hundreds of products. They developed apps for McDonald’s and performed R&D services for ESPN. They are capable of delivering at scale and help fast-growing businesses to reach a $15B valuation.


Born and raised in Ukraine. I graduated from Donetsk National University in 2009 with a Master of Science degree in Applied Math. I worked as a software engineer for companies in Ukraine while I was a student. I received real-world product delivery experience before graduation. Right after, in late 2009 I co-created a software agency called MLSDev and have been its CTO since then.

Currently I live in Warsaw, Poland.

I spend my free time with my family, travel and play guitar.

Let’s get in touch!

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